Middle Grade/Fantasy

The Quest for the Last Kimeiji (Author's Edition), by Francisco Muniz (Middle Grade Fantasy)

ISBN 978-1-7360694-6-2 (HC)

ISBN 978-1-7360694-7-9 (SC)

ISBN 978-1-7360694-8-6 (eBook)

The Quest for the Last Kimeiji

The Last Tales of the Kimeiji (Book 1)

Author's Edition

Discover a tale that was written in another world.

The essence of a powerful magic force known as the Manaya is lost one night when an evil wizard steals it to become its last guardian--the Kimeiji--again. The incident triggers a chain of events that lead an entire world into war, and as a result, kingdoms fall, countries divide, many people die, and history is marked forever.

Under the trees of the enchanted Cloud Forest, a young elf named Atrelis has no knowledge of that past. Yet, one night, the past seems to return when a wounded dragon that falls from the sky entrusts Atrelis with a magic amulet. It turns out, the amulet is the key of the Manaya, which long ago allowed the Kimeiji to control the powerful magic force. Now, evil mercenary creatures known as Kali troopers are after the amulet, and so Atrelis must deliver it to Minol, its last owner, before it is too late. Thus, Atrelis is plunged into an unforgettable mission in which he encounters fantastical creatures and reaches extraordinary places where danger, excitement, deception, and magic lead him to the first step of the destiny he is not sure he wants to fulfill. Join Atrelis on his quest!

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The Quest for the Last Kimeiji