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Meet the d'Artagnan Team

Keithan Quintero Books_by Francisco Muniz_Character Keithan
Keithan Quintero

Age 13

Keithan Quintero is the kind of boy who enjoys breaking the rules every once in a while. Sometimes he can’t help it. He just finds it so hard to resist a good challenge, no matter the stakes. This, as a result, highlights his cocky and competitive attitude, especially as a pilot. Nevertheless, Keithan doesn’t like to be self-centered since he values friendship more than anything else, and he makes sure his closest friends know that.

Regardless of his being the son of a legendary air racer, Keithan earned his place as an elite pilot student in the Air Racing Program at Ramey Academy of Flight and Aeroengineering. Just like his mother when she was alive, he is determined to become a racing champion someday. He only needs the chance to prove it.

Keithan Quintero Books_by Francisco Muniz_Character Fernando
Fernando Aramis

Age 13

Aside from being Keithan’s best friend and aeroengineer partner at Ramey Academy, Fernando Aramis stands out on his own. His creativity is almost enviable among his peers, and not only is it evident in his powered wheelchair, which he customized himself, but also when it comes to designing an ideal racing aircraft. Fernando was the one who came up with most of the ideas for building the d’Artagnan with Keithan, and he is always looking for new ways to improve her performance.

Keithan Quintero Books_by Francisco Muniz_Character Marianna
Marianna Aramis

Age 12

Curious and resourceful, Marianna Aramis always tries to make the best of every opportunity that comes up. She believes everything and everyone has a story, which is why she always carries her portable hover camera and headset. Unlike Keithan and Fernando, she studies outside of Ramey Airport, so she doesn’t know as much about aviation as them. Still, that doesn’t stop her from getting a piece of the action. When Keithan determines himself to attempt to be in the Pegasus Air Race, Marianna uses her own initiative to be part of the d’Artagnan team with a very important role.

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