The Books

-Book 1-

Keithan Quintero and the Sky Phantoms

(A Story from the Future)

Author's Edition

BOOK 1 Front Cover (October 2020).png

ISBN 978-1-7360694-0-0 (HC)

ISBN 978-1-7360694-1-7 (SC)

ISBN 978-1-7360694-2-4 (eBook)

Prepare to experience a story that captures the excitement of future flying with the most unusual and innovative aircraft we could only dream of today, and all through the adventures of a thirteen-year-old pilot student named Keithan Quintero.

After finding out his hometown airport at Ramey will be the venue for the most famous air race in the world, Keithan is determined to qualify along with his best friends, Fernando and Marianna. But the race is not the only thing getting Keithan’s attention. Strange sightings in the sky, followed by unusual events within the airport, have led residents to believe there could be a new case of unidentified flying objects developing. Keithan knows he should be focusing only on the race, but how can he ignore so many distractions around him? He just can’t. Soon he and his friends embark on a search for answers that will lead them to the truth about a secret legion of fighter pilots thought to exist only in legends, and just as intriguing, to the menacing mystery behind the upcoming race, which the legion may be close to solve.

An enticing combination of mystery, adventure, and intense air racing sequences, this novel is sure to make readers wish they were young, daring, and flying fast too. So get ready and strap yourself in before turning to the first page!

-Book 2-

Keithan Quintero and the Pegasus Air Race

(A Story from the Future)

BOOK 2 Front Cover (October 2020).png

ISBN 978-1-7360694-3-1 (HC)

ISBN 978-1-7360694-4-8 (SC)

ISBN 978-1-7360694-5-5 (eBook)

Thirteen-year-old Keithan Quintero is still frustrated after having been denied entry for the 2055 Pegasus Air Race due to his age. Still, he might get the chance to be in it, although not because he wants to, but because he might have to. The Sky Phantom Legion needs his help to uncover a plot behind the race as the lives of many may be at stake. All Keithan knows is that the plot includes a top-secret invention that was created by his friends’ father, William Aramis. Yet Keithan has been hesitant to reveal this to the Legion since he doesn’t believe Mr. Aramis could be involved in an evil scheme. Only two things are certain: Keithan needs to get to the bottom of it all, and whatever he decides to do, he will do it with the help of his best friends, Fernando and Marianna. But will that be enough?

Once again, Keithan will take to the sky and race—not to win this time, but to survive. And maybe, just maybe, he may become a hero without the rest of the world ever knowing. Young sci-fi readers will definitely not want to miss this mysterious, exciting, and intense sequel to Keithan Quintero and the Sky Phantoms.