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Middle Grade/Science Fiction

Wind Rider_Novel Title_by Francisco Muniz (Middle Grade Fantasy)

Meet an imaginative nine-year-old deaf girl who befriends the wind one summer and finds out about a wonderful secret hidden in the clouds.

Isabelle Muniz Character_by Francisco Muniz

Middle Grade/Fantasy

Wind Rider
Wind Rider_Front Cover_by Francisco Muniz (Middle Grade Fantasy)

ISBN 978-1-7360694-9-3 (HC)

ISBN 979-8-218-16016-6 (SC)

ISBN 979-8-218-16017-3 (eBook)

Wind Rider_Back Cover_by Francisco Muniz (Middle Grade Fantasy)
Wind Rider, a middle-grade, fantasy novel by Francisco Muniz (
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Hidden Spark Books is an imprint by F. Muniz, dedicated to offering entertaining books for young (and young-at-heart) readers.
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